“If we can’t wear something pretty on our feet we can wear something pretty in our hair!”

 Ella and Tessa the Tiger realise that their shoes are not pretty like the other children at kindergarten.
So Grandma gives them a special gift – a box filled with gorgeous surprises for their hair…

Illustrated with stunning photos, this delightful story encourages us to focus on the positive and make the most of what we have.

The inspiration behind The Hair Flower Box…

“So much about having a child with a disability is about function.  Our priority is how our children can get around more efficiently, access programs more effectively and find which shoes will best support their feet.

I have found that sometimes it’s nice to just focus on the fact that  Ella is a little girl who likes pretty things like hair flowers and fairy dresses. It reminds me of the similarities of all children, disabled or not..”


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